Water Meters, Mobile Solutions, and Accessories

S and J Meter is proud to offer advanced AMR solutions by Kamstrup.  If you would like more information about AMR products, our installation services, or need support, please contact us now.

FlowIQ®2100 Ultrasonic Residential Meter

The flowIQ® 2100 ultrasonic water meter is the most cost-effective solution for water metering. Designed with water conservation in mind, the 2100 features leak, burst, and tamper detection features. Unlike mechanical meters, the 2100 has no moving parts, ensuring accuracy throughout its lifetime.

FlowIQ®3101 Ultrasonic Industrial Meter

The flowIQ 3101 allows for high-level, industrial and commercial water metering. Designed for flexible installation in virtually all operating environments, the 3101 is one of the most accurate meters on the market. Featuring built-in wireless M-Bus data communication technology, the 3101 provides the most accurate meter reading solutions.

MAG 8000 with READy Gateway

The MAG 8000® delivers metering data wirelessly over long distances easily via the Wireless M-Bus. Resistant to wear and water impurities, the MAG 8000® utilizes magnetic inductive flow measurement for high accuracy. Meter reading options include direct display or wirelessly through the READy Gateway.

READy Mobile Drive-By App

The READy Drive-By meter reading solution allows for remote, quick, secure, and accurate meter reading. Designed for ease of use and modularity, READy allows for customization, data exchange, meter grouping, custom alarm notifications, analytics, pressure display, and more.

Metering and Data Transfer Accessories

The needs of each client are unique and S and J Meter utilizes a wide variety of AMR accessories to make sure those needs are met. The Kamstrup external antenna more than doubles the reading distance for the flowIQ line, allowing for installation in more remote areas.